An Amazing Performance by Year 6

This amazing performance by Year 6 left the audience asking for more! Here are two reviews by members of the cast.

Year 6 Performance - Oliver Twist

by Mirriam

Last week, all the 70 pupils of year 6 Norton CP school held a tear- dropping, phenomenal performance of Charles Dickens' well known "Oliver Twist". This performance, from start to finish, was full of large waves of toe tapping music and phenomenal acting. Some would make you get uncontrollably emotional and some make you beam from ear to ear. This was held in St Peters church house on Monday 10th at 6pm and Wednesday 12th at 1:30 pm.

“Please sir I want some more” (Lola as Oliver)

Well you will be wanting a lot more when you see the amazing opening song of ‘Food Glorious Food’ and its follow on song of ‘Oliver’ a duet (Jack and Alicia) to make any one be drawn in. And as the show rolls on, of course we meet the amazing jolly character of Dodger (Adam) and sly old man Fagin (Sam).

This amazing show only gets better, soon we introduce you to Nancy and Bill Sykes (Madison and Ethan) who defiantly brings some sorrow and danger into the story. Yet it is followed by a well known rendition of ‘Oom-pah-pah’, sung by Nancy and her friend Bet (Lily). Then a beautiful rendition of "Who will buy?" that will freshen up the audience with sweet red roses. And not forgetting Mister Brownlow (Dylan) who brings some mystery into the play.

Nancy was an amazing part of the play and she brought a lot of love and sadness into the play. Being only one of the few characters in the play that are loyal to Oliver, she stays by his side and is very stubborn even to her husband Bill who is a very dangerous man. Even though, her ending isn’t a happy one she is still an amazing part of the play. Oliver was the main character beautifully and realistically played by Lola, his life is up and down as amazingly demonstrated in this play.

After asking some of the cast some questions about the role of their character, this is what they said.

“It was exiting playing stubborn Nancy - she stood her ground even against her husband Bill Sykes who was a dangerous man. She’s defiant and a strong character and I thought I did well playing her.” - Maddison.

“It was fun playing a small boy who has an up and down life, who started off as an orphan in a workhouse and then found his rightful place as the grandson of a rich man. I liked playing his story and emotional adventure.” - Lola, who played Oliver.

Our Year 6’s Shining in the Spotlight!

by Maddison

The Year 6 pupils performed a fabulous production of Oliver Twist, written by Charles Dickens. This stunning performance was held at Saint Peter's Church House.

On the 10th and 12th of July the hall was full of enthusiastic family members and friends. After already having performed to the other children at school, these Year 6’s were ready to dance, sing, act and make the audience’s jaws drop again and again.

What a way to end the year!

When Oliver Twist (Lola) escaped from the workhouse, he stumbled across the Artful Dodger (Adam) who sang a welcoming song, “Consider Yourself”. After being taken to Old Fagin’s (Sam), another heart-warming song was performed with Nancy (Maddison) and Nancy’s best friend, Bet (played by Lily).

Lola Weatherill was a newcomer to the stage but her recent singing, acting and dancing lessons fitted her perfectly to the role of Oliver. She was brilliant!

Oliver is an 11 year old boy who went to London to make his fortune but came across Fagin and his gang and sung memorable songs along the way.

Fagin and Oliver

Sam, already a seasoned performer in local and national productions, brought his experience to the role of Fagin. He gave a standout performance full of character, a strong voice and an engaging accent.

Alicia played Widow Corney and spoke aftwards,

"I found my part hard to play because my role was a flirty, shouty character but overall I thought the play was amazing."

Likewise, Ethan found his portrayal of Bill Sikes a challenge,

"This character was hard to play because Bill is an aggressive and angry person."

Both actors rose admirably to their challenges and captivated the audiences with their peformances.