Letter to Parents - 2017

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As we approach the close of the school year, we can look back and acknowledge the many achievements of the school over the past 12 months and see how the hard work and support of everyone has helped in moving Norton C.P. forward for the benefit of every pupil.

We hope you all read the school’s response to its recent Ofsted inspection published in the Gazette & Herald in June. We shall not be visited again for 2 years so staff and pupils can continue the positive initiatives which have made our school such a successful place for your child to be. The outstanding results of external tests taken by our pupils in both Key Stages for 2017 have shown that our school is doing its very best for each and every child.

During the summer holidays school staff will be helping with the move to our new Langton Road site. This involves a lot of packing up and unpacking, transfers of equipment, reorganisation of classrooms and a million other things required to ensure both school sites are ready to welcome the children back in September. Governors have assisted in ensuring necessary funds are allocated efficiently, whilst supporting the head teacher in the ‘plan of action’. The new premises provide exciting opportunities for the children and ensure the extra space they need. Mrs. Parker was beginning to feel like ‘the old woman who lived in a shoe’ as she too ‘had so many children she didn’t know what to do!’ There will probably be some ‘teething’ troubles as we adapt to the changes to school routine required by operating on a split site, but governors have been fully involved in how the arrangements have been made to ensure that pupils’ and parents’ needs are the school’s first priority. A new Site Manager has been appointed to take on responsibility for both sites which will ensure continuity of our high standards of safety. We are sure the new term will go smoothly but if there are any initial ‘hiccups’ please be patient – it will all work out well in the end.

From the Autumn term, the board of governors has put in place a succession plan to prepare the current vice-chair for taking over as chair of governors from September 2018. Linda McCarthy, the current chair, will then be stepping down as a voting governor and handing over to Ian Barnard. Until then Linda and Ian will work in very close partnership to facilitate this changeover. Our latest skills audit showed that the board of governors is now well balanced, with a good range of skills and abilities, to enable its committed governors to fulfil all their responsibilities.

Our school community, of which governors are a part, is like a jigsaw. You need all the right pieces in order to make the perfect whole. Everyone involved in the school has their vital part to play otherwise the school doesn’t function as well as it should. The head teacher, is a central and highly significant piece of the puzzle and it is the governors’ responsibility to make sure that everything is in place to enable the school to achieve its aims. Our 608 pupils and their parents are the school’s clients, but they also have a vital part to play in the life of our school. Then we have to add in the effectiveness of all the teachers, classroom assistants, office staff, site staff, kitchen staff and midday supervisors. It’s a large puzzle and if one part isn’t fitting right it can affect the whole. So far, governors believe we are all doing well. We hope you agree.

Finally the governors would like to send their very best wishes to all our Year 6 pupils who are leaving us this summer to begin a new and exciting stage of their learning journey and we look forward to welcoming our new children, starting school for the first time. We would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution made to the school by those members of staff leaving to take on new challenges and to welcome those replacing them. It is reassuring that our school does not have difficulty in attracting new staff.

Our very best wishes you all for a happy summer break

From The Governors of Norton C.P. School

The governors wish you and your families a happy summer break and look forward to continuing to support our school, in providing the best education possible for each and every child.