Example pyramid model

In the Autumn Term, you made the Great Pyramid using Sketchup.

Lots of you have asked when we can use SketchUp again in our Computing lessons.

Since we are soon to move into a new school building, I thought it would be a good idea to see if we can give ourselves a preview!

Let's use SketchUp to make a model of the new building and walk through it, on a virtual tour, before it is even finished.

Model a Building from the Plan

Demo image for Model a Building from the Plan

SketchUp experts can make brilliant models of houses, schools and other buildings. Often, they use a plan of the building to get the sizes and positions of the rooms.

Luckliy, we have a simple plan of the new building!

Follow the steps in this How-To to begin learning the skills you need.

Still to come:

  • Add windows and doors
  • Add detail to a classroom
  • Add a roof (maybe a transparent one)
  • Animate a walk-through