Special Mission - Read!

Though somewhat delayed by the snow, all our 2018 Book Week activities have taken place and been thoroughly enjoyed by all agents.

Author: Andrew Cope

All the chidren, from F2 to Year 6, enjoyed different activities with our visiting author, Andrew Cope. At Langton Road, he led a workshop on Being Brilliant - described by the children as "Awesome".

At Grove Street site, he talked about his books, including his "Spy Dog" series. The children had a go at imagining their own animal super-character.

Andrew Cope Awarding Tee-shirt

The Dress Codeword is S.P.Y

Our Dress-Up Day even lived twice, thanks to the snow. Some say, the snow came from Russia, with or without love, depending on your view.


Nevertheless, our agents certainly looked the part and many codes were broken, secrets revealed and covers blown as the children engaged with spy-related themes in class. See more in the slides at the top of this page.


Fingers on Triggers Buzzers

Years 5 and 6 put forward teams for a tricky book quiz set by Mrs Ambrose.

Book Quiz Screen

Questions varied from author identification to plot and character knowledge.

A Book Quiz Team

The winning team scooped a prize of 1000 house points. Not bad for a day's sleuthing.

Another Book Quiz Team