Science Week Learning for Year 6

Year 6 children researched the life of Stephen Hawking and wondered at the amazing and complex ideas he discovered about time, the origins of the Universe and black holes.

It wasn't possible to investigate a black hole. That is just as well - we don't want to get spaghettified.

Nevertheless, Year 6 did have a go at demonstrating the link between electricity and magnetism, two of the natural phenomena that Hawking hoped to unify with the force of gravity.

Electromagnet lifting paperclips

With just a few simple components it is possible to make an electromagnet.

Another electromagnet lifting paperclips

Industrial electromagnets are used to move heavy metal objects, for example, in scrap yards. They are just a bigger, more powerful version of what we made in class. If you have access, you can see one in action in this YouTube video.

If you want to make another one, here's the "How-To" video.