Camp Challenges

Put up your tent

Easier said than done when the tent is a professional six man special with springy poles, huge outer and inner skins and you have to cooperate with your team to get the job done.

children putting up a tent

Challenge met!

Build a shelter

Wolf explained that the most important survival need is shelter. The next challenge was to build one using only a tarp, ropes and hand carved pegs. We learned the reef knot and the round turn and two half hitches to tie everything in place.

built shelter 1 This one is coming on well.

built shelter 2 This one is finished and furnished.

built shelter 2 This one even has a hat stand!

Cook dinner

After shelter comes food and warmth. We had no shortage of warmth as the weather was baking hot but this didn't mean it was too hot in our outdoor kitchen. The children's teams cooperated really well to follow instructions and get the tea on.

campers enjoying their meal Toasts offered and received - to camping!

Start a campfire

With tea eaten and the washing up done, it was time to think ahead into the evening. Even the hottest day cools down so it might be important to light a campfire to stay warm overnight. We learned how to make a spark with a fire-steel, create flame in cotton wool and coax a carefully crafted cone of kindling into blaze.

campfire Bring on the marshmallows!

campfire and billy Wolf tends the main campfire ready for the hot chocolate and s'mores. Miss Davies and Miss Gaughan are helping.

Camp songs and entertainment

With fire and warmth guaranteed, it was time to entertain each other. Groups had only fifteen minutes to think up and rehearse a comedy sketch to show everyone else.

children performing comedy sketch It was definitely funny.