Your Child's Online Journal

The Foundation Stage uses Tapestry to record observations, comments, photos and videos to show children's progress. This compliments other forms of observation and assessment and allows parents and carers to able to access your child’s Learning Journal online.

A detailed letter is sent to new Foundation parents and carers which explains everything in more detail. You can also also read Tapestry's terms and conditions and their security policy.

When receive your permission and contact details, we ask Tapestry to activate your free account. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to log in for the first time.

Login from your computer

You can log in to the Tapestry Website.

Tapestry login screen

Use your mobile

You can use one of the free Tapestry apps on your mobile device. Search for Tapestry FSF in your app store or click the links below.

iPhone and iPad

Tapestry on the Apple App Store

Android Devices

Tapestry on Google Play

Amazon Fire Devices

Note that the app works with the latest generation of Amazon Fire devices (launched at the end of September 2015). Tapestry are looking into supporting older versions.

Tapestry on the Amazon Fire Store