An Exciting Term Ahead

Here are the newsletters for year groups 1 to 6. Click the link to open or download the letter for your child's year group.

Year 1 - In a Land Far Away and Minibeast Adventures

We will explore traditional tales and alternative versions of our favourite stories. After half-term we will move on to the minibeasts. We will learn about materials in science think about puzzling questions in RE. Open the Y1 newsletter.

Year 2 - Are Dragons Real?

This term we have our Inspire Workshops to look forward to, beginning Thursday 14th February with Mrs Allington’s class. Mrs Bannister’s is on 21st February, Mrs Ralph’s on 7th March and Miss Tyler’s on 14th March. Open the Y2 newsletter.

Year 3 - The Stone Age

This half term our topic is ‘Stone Age’ inspired by ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King and the Science topic is ‘Forces and Magnets’. After half term our topic will be ‘Journey to the Coastline’ and we hope the children will enjoy the creative lessons we have planned for them. Open the Y3 newsletter.

Year 4 - How was it made?

This half term we will be finding out about inspiring inventers and their inventions from the past. This will have an Art and Design and Technology focus which links in nicely to our Science topic of Electricity. Open the Y4 newsletter.

Year 5 - Lights! Camera! Action!

This term our topic will have a design technology and ICT focus. We will be studying the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Using this, we will then make puppets for our own films production! Open the Y5 newsletter.

Year 6 - Vikings, Samurai and the Yorkshire Coast

This term our topics will include ‘Who were the Vikings?’, ‘How do you become a successful Samurai warrior?’ and ‘Why visit the Yorkshire Coast?’ Open the Y6 newsletter.