Robots, Races and a Giant Zorb Ball

The show started with one of the presenters wheeling in on a hoverboard, so we knew it was going to be exciting. Our Year 4 to 6 children were already keen to see what would happen next.

Presenter on hoverboard

Things only got better when some lucky children got to pilot some fantastic "Sphero" robots in neck-and-neck, helter-skelter races.

Next, a few lucky ones got to try out some super high tech, military issue night vision goggles. There was a pitch-black dark tent in which to find and open some secret boxes. A bear and a snake were some of the contents!

Dark tent

Finally, our estimating and maths skills were tested in a challenge to work out how far the giant Zorb ball would roll in one full turn. One of the presenters dived inside to be turned topsy-turvey in a tantalising test. Fortunately, our maths was up to the job and he ended up fully the right way up!

Zorb ball