Words by Ellie-Mae, Photos by Emme and Molly

The eagerly anticipated Andrew Williamson Football Tournament took place on Friday 5th of July. Mr and Mrs Williamson arrived laden with trophies and looked forward to an afternoon of exciting and competitive football. They were not disappointed.

Children from Years 5 and 6 who volunteered to play were put into teams by Mr Myers. They then came up with a suitable name for their team and perhaps even practised together over a few lunchtimes.

First Round

In our first round York City played Man United (4-0) on pitch one. On pitch two, we had Sideman playing Man City (3-0). On pitch three, Ajax were against Warrens Warriors (0-0) and lastly, on pitch four, Liverpool were against The Wildcats (4-1).

These were some extremely competitive matches, especially with Sideman playing.

Someone runs for the Football

Second Round

The second round was equally as competitive as the first, perhaps even more. On our pitches we had: Man United against Hashtag United (0-0); York city vs Sideman (1-0); Warrens Warriors and Newport were playing and Ajax were against Liverpool both resulting in 0-0.

the winning team Hashtag United

Third Round

Round three saw some great scores from Hashtag and Sideman. Hashtag United vs Man City was 4-0. We had a very competitive match between Man United and Sideman but in the end Sideman pulled ahead with 2-0. Newport vs The Wildcats and Warrens Warriors vs Liverpool both ended in goalless draws.

Tight play

The Final

It had been close in the rounds and some teams went through only on goal difference. The teams lining up to play in the final were:

  • Hashtag vs Newport

Play was pretty evenly matched during both tense halves. Newport kept the pressure on Hashtag's goal but Newport always looked dangerous on the break. A long shot scooted just over Hashtag's crossbar at the end of the first half but the ball was still rising and it flew right over the school fence!

With a new ball in play, the second half saw the same level of commitment from both teams, neither being quite able to get through and score. There was only one way to find the winner: PENALTIES!

Again, it was all even until sudden death penalties. A power strike from Marcus hit the back of the net and gave a memorable victory for Hashtag.


It is always wonderful to welcome Mr and Mrs Williamson and we were delighted that they were here again to present the trophies in person. Each player in both winning and runners-up teams receive a personal shield to keep and both teams have their names etched onto the big tournament shields.

This young lady is pleased!

Runners-up: Newport

Mr. Williamson presents an individual shield.

Here are the winners with their team trophy.