Dear Parents and Carers

Our school community has an ever increasing number of children and staff with allergies to a whole host of different foods. With this in mind we have updated our Allergen and Anaphylaxis Policy. We have always worked very hard to observe each allergy as the reactions to some allergens can be life threatening.

With this in mind, we ask all of our parents to consider the contents of their child’s packed lunches, to ensure that they do not contain any food that contains allergens, for example chocolate spread, muesli bars, chocolate bars.

Details of the 14 Allergens are shown below.

As part of our policy, we request that all parents do not send birthday cakes, sweets or holiday treats in to school as we will not be able to give these to the children.

I'm sure you will agree that the ongoing safety of all the school community has to be everyone's first priority.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Liz Parker Headteacher

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