Our Range of Clubs

We strive to offer a range of clubs that will attract the interest of our children and encourage them to try a new activity or sport. The range of clubs varies according to the season and is announced each term in a letter to parents. Here are the clubs running for the current term.

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime clubs usually start after dinner. Where places are limited, you will need to apply to join the club and commit to attending for at least half a term. For clubs with unlimited placs, just turn up and join in.

After School Clubs

After school clubs start straight after school 3:15 and run to 4:00 when children can be collected, as arranged, at either Grove Street or Langton Road. You must apply to join all of our after school clubs because we need to have your parents' or carers' permission. Look out for the termly letter mentioned above and tell your parents or carers to check their email for annoncements and signup forms sent via ParentPay.

Active Clubs This Term


Tuesday after school at Grove Street.
30 places.

Picture of Hockey club
Y3 and 4! Come and play hockey on the Astroturf. It is fun and fast-paced.


Tuesday after school at Langton Road.
20 places.

Picture of Netball club
Miss Gaughan is the coach for our Year 5/6 Netball club.


Wednesday after school at both sites.
Each site has 15 places.

Picture of Gymnastics club
Join Miss Atkinson at Grove Street or Miss Walker at Langton Road for gymnastics suitable for all abilities.


Wednesday (Y3/4) or Thursday (Y5/6) after school at both sites.
Each site has 30 places.

Picture of Football club
Mr Rudd runs the soccer club on Wednesdays at Langton Road and for Grove Street, Thursday is the day with Mr Stevenson.


Thursday after school at Langton Road.

Picture of Choir club
Y5 and 6 can join our exciting school choir. Members of the choir often look forward to the Young Voices festival. It is a a real highlight of the year.

Scratch Coding

Thursday after school at Langton Road.

Picture of Scratch Coding club
Budding programmers in Year 5 can come to Mr Jeffery's Coding Club and hone their Scratch skills.