We encourage children to see mathematics as both a written and spoken language. We support and guide children in the following important ways:

  • We present maths ideas in a concrete way by applying mathematical ideas to relevant real life situations.
  • We use pictures and diagrams to show children each type of process.
  • We encourage children to jot down and draw abstract concepts to help their understanding.

Pile of counters 001

When solving a problem children should always work through the following thinking process:

  1. Can I do this in my head, using a mental method?
  2. Can I do this in my head, using drawings or jottings to help me?
  3. Can/should I use a calculator?
  4. Which written method will I find most helpful?

Calculation Methods

Calculation methods for each of the key maths operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are explained via the links below. Simply choose the operation you want to know about or use the more detailed links under each operation heading.

Calculation Methods with Decimals

As children become proficient using the calculation methods described, they will be able to tackle situations involving decimals.