We subscribe to e-learning services chosen to complement our curriculum and support children with their homework. We encourage parents to get involved and help their younger children get used to our systems.

We recognise that, during this term, children may need to learn from home and will be using our systems to help them keep up. Here are guides on how we use e-learning for homework and learning remotely.


To build on the excellent work we have all done with e-learning this year, we will continue setting regular homework this way.

Remote Learning

If you are unable to come in to school this term, you should try to keep up from home.

Home Learning Links

Here is our list of links to good learning ideas, websites and videos. You can also find them organised by subject area for EYFS and Y1-6.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having a technical problem or need to clarify what your child can do online, take a look at this collection of frequently asked questions.

Mental Health and Well-being

Here is information, resources and advice to support you and your family’s mental health and well-being.