Spring Term Preview

Year 6 are going to study the Vikings. Foundation and Key Stage One will be sharing stories, books and learning what might have happened “Once Upon a Time…". Year 2 will be be asking the question, “Are Dragons Real?".

The exciting topics being covered in Key Stage Two are:

Year Topics
3 “The Victorians”, Light and “A Journey to the Coastline”
4 “What did the Romans give to us” and “Animals, including humans”
5 Will study the book “Coraline”, by Neil Gaiman. They will then make puppets and their own film production based on the story.
6 “What impact did the Vikings have on Britain?” which will include an exciting trip to the JORVIK centre in York on 23rd January 2020 - see ParentPay

For more information read your child’s year group newsletter. They are available here.

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