Step 4: Username and password

Type in your account details carefully

  1. Type your username. Do not add any spaces between your first name and the initial of your surname.
  2. Type your password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. This means that you must use lowercase and capital letters exactly as shown in your password.
  3. Click or tap the login button (or hit the Enter key).

Check that you haven't accidentally left CAPS-LOCK switched on while you type the lowercase letters in your password.

If you have a dinopass strong password, you also need to type in the special characters properly. Remember that CAPS-LOCK does not work for special characters like @, !, ) and all the others. You must press the SHIFT key on your keyboard at the same time as pressing the key you want.

There are usually two shift keys on either side of the second to bottom row. They have an up arrow on them, showing that they shift-up the keyboard to type the characters printed on the top of each key. Both shift keys are identical so it doesn't matter which one you press.