Step 5: Logged In?

You should now be logged in

  1. Enjoy Purple Mash.
  2. Don't forget to logout when you're done.

If Purple Mash says, "Incorrect password or login…", try again and check everything carefully.

It can be hard to type your password because you can't see the letters you've put in. Here is a tip if you are finding it really tricky. Make sure there are no bad hats looking over your shoulder before you try this.

  1. Go to another tab in your browser.
  2. Type your password into the address or search bar. Do not press search or hit Enter.
  3. Check it looks exactly right.
  4. Select it and cut or copy it (you can use CTRL-X to cut, CTRL-C to copy).
  5. Go back to the Purple Mash tab.
  6. Paste into the password box (use CTRL-V to paste).
  7. Don't forget to close the other tab you opened!