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You will need:

  • A drum sprite. Click "Choose sprite from library" and look for one in Theme, Music.
  • A drummer that you draw using costume editor in vector mode (see Method).



Draw the drummer

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  1. Click "Paint new sprite" and change to vector mode.
  2. Nudge the line thickness up a bit. This will make the body parts of the stick figure easier to select.
  3. Use the "Elispe" tool to draw the head.
  4. Use the "Line" and "Reshape" tools to draw a stick body. Look over at the stage view to see if the drummer looks right next to their drum. Try to get the drummer's hand to rest on the drum.
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Duplicate the costume

Here you make a new costume that is just a little different from the first one. When you write code to switch between costumes, the changed image will trick our eyes and brain into thinking that the character has moved.

Right click on the costume and select "Duplicate". You will get an exact copy as a new costume underneath. Because it is also a vector graphic, you can use the "Reshape" tool to move the drummer's arm and hand so that it is off the drum.

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Write code for the beats

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You'll need blocks from the "Looks", "Sound, "Events" and "Control" categories.

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Split up the beat code to use different instruments

Extend it

Can you:

  • Make the drummer use the other hand to hit another drum?
  • Add more musicians and their instruments? How about a band?
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Split up the beat code to use different instruments.