Josh's Shed


The steps show you how to make Josh this simple shed.

The big picture shows what an expert can do.

Starting SketchUp

Demo image for Starting SketchUp

SketchUp for Web is a free version of SketchUp that runs in a web browser. You probably won't need anything new on your computer, so there are no worries about installing malware.

You do need the following:

  1. A Trimble ID or Google Account to sign in with.
  2. A reliable internet connection.
  3. A up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Firefox. You can also use Safari or Edge but there might be glitches.
  4. Any fairly modern computer or Chromebook. You need a fair bit of memory and a good graphics card. If your computer is OK running games, it should run SketchUp just as well.

Trimble say that SketchUp is best with a mouse and keyboard. They recommend using a three-button , scroll-wheel mouse for easy orbiting, zooming, and making models.