Our school is fun, stimulating and purposeful for every child. Our knowledge-rich, broad and balanced curriculum is designed to allow children to develop a thirst for learning whilst continuously improving.

We place reading at the heart of our curriculum by immersing children in literature (books, videos and websites) to spark learning across all subject areas.

Curriculum Overview
Learning in different subject areas is dynamic, enjoyable and rigorous. Every lesson enables children to develop their oral skills and writing opportunities are maximised.
Hidden Curriculum
We supplement the national curriculum with a range of fluid events-and lessons- personalised to specific children as well as smaller groups or where necessary, the whole cohort.

Our reading rich curriculum allows children to experience a vast range of literature whilst also developing the technicalities of writing.


Developed directly from the national curriculum for mathematics, our school curriculum ensures that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.


Our science curriculum engages and enthuses children by providing relevant, first-hand experiences of scientific phenomena in the everyday world.

Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum fosters enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment for creative work in a wide variety of media.


Our computing curriculum covers the safe use of technologies to connect, communicate and code in the digital world.

Design and Technology

Through our D&T curriculum, children are inspired and motivated to create a range of structures and products with a real-life purpose.


We aim to broaden children’s knowledge of the world, giving them aspirations beyond the local area.


Our history curriculum focuses on chronology and is thoroughly enhanced by our amazing timeline.


Our pupils develop a love for learning a new language and embrace a wide variety of different cultures.


We develop an awareness and appreciation of many styles and genres of music. We teach practical performing skills which help the children to develop their confidence.


We encourage children to have a love for being active and playing sport as well as to develop essential life skills.


We prepare children for their future roles as citizens in a global society.

Religious Education

Our children learn understand that people can have different faiths than themselves. They develop respect and tolerance.