Chloe Meade

I first got to know Norton CP School on a teaching practice in 2012. I spent 6 weeks in the Foundation unit and loved every second of my time at the school.

Just over a year later I was thrilled to find a job advertised and since then have spent 5 years working across two key stages, from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 2. Throughout this time I have been fortunate enough to work alongside many of the wonderful staff members and have taught most of the children in school at some point.

I have first-hand experience of the lasting effect the school has on its students, as the things I learned here still impact my teaching on a daily basis. As staff governor, I am looking forward to playing a larger role in maintaining a happy school in which children can thrive.

Appointed: March 2018
Term of office ends: February 2022
Elected by: Staff

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