Jubilee Picnic

Monday, 6th June 2022

The first day after half-term was filled with a party atmosphere as we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in style.

Dressed in red, white, blue and purple, children learned about the significance of the event and enjoyed waving flags, making bunting, and enjoyed a picnic lunch with their friends. Sadly, it rained on the day, but that didn’t dampen our spirts and instead we watched Party At The Palace on screen whilst we ate our picnic lunches indoors.

The highlight of the event was seeing the children excited and enthused by their creations from home, all entered into our Jubilee Competition. Our Governors made a special visit to see them and perform the difficult task of judging the winners. Here is what they said:

We were overwhelmed by the sheer number and quality of entries into the competition. We saw intricate models of Windsor Castle, huge picnic blankets, detailed place mats, and so many clever hats of all styles and sizes. And the baking - WOW! We have never seen so many well decorated (and tasty) cakes and buns in one place. Across all categories, there were entries with hidden messages & surprises, some were funny, some were serious, and plenty of great quirky designs - perfectly capturing the uniqueness of the Jubilee celebrations.

One thing we couldn’t fail to notice was the sense of pride the pupils had put into their efforts - from Foundation all the way through to Year 6 students - the amount of effort in every single item was outstanding - and also, of course, by the parents & carers in supporting the children.

We couldn’t be prouder of what you’ve achieved. Well done!

From all the Governors.

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