an image of devices on a danger message

S· M· A· R· T

S · Sharing
Will the information you share keep you safe? Don’t share your home address or telephone numbers.

M · Meeting
Do not arrange to meet up with anyone who contacts you online.

A · Accepting
Take care before accepting files you are sent. Be sure they are not going to damage your system.

R · Relying Stop and think before relying on information you see online. Some sites and images are set up just to trick you.

T · Telling Know who to tell if you feel uncomfortable about something happening online.

You can find out more from this special police website.

Rules to Follow

Here are ten good rules to follow. Keep to these and you will be much safer online.

  • Keep your telephone numbers, addresses, school and class private. Don’t post them on public sites.
  • Report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Tell your parents, your teacher or another adult you trust. If you can’t tell someone that you trust, make a report online.
  • NEVER agree to meet up in person with anyone you get to know online unless your parents agree to come with you and you meet in a public place.
  • NEVER send a person your picture or any other file without first checking with your parents.
  • DO NOT respond to any mean or unkind messages. Tell your parents, your teacher or another trusted adult if anything you receive makes you uncomfortable.
  • Agree rules with your parents about going online. It isn’t healthy to be at your screen or using your device for long periods at a time. Agree times of day and the length of time you’ll spend and stick to them!
  • NEVER share your internet passwords with anyone except your parents. This applies, even to your best friends!
  • Check before downloading files, pictures and programs from the Internet. Some could mess up your computer or device and some could put your privacy at risk.
  • Be a good citizen online. Don’t do anything that hurts others or breaks the law.
  • Help your parents understand how to have fun and learn online. The Internet is a great resource as long as we all use it responsibly.

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