Norton Values Award Scheme

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Being brave and facing up to any challenge.


Never giving up. Having the confidence to keep trying no matter how hard it gets.


Having good manners. Be considerate to other people; respect their beliefs, ideas and values. Respect yourself!


Good work. Always try your best.


A good friend is someone who shows; sympathy, empathy, honesty, forgiveness and trust. Good is better than best!


Having good ideas. Set an example that others want to follow.


Sharing and being fair. Treating everyone as equals no matter who they may be.

Live the values

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Live the Olympic and Paralympic values and get nominated for an award.

Get nominated

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You can be nominated by anyone at school; a friend, someone in your class or a teacher. Your award card will be stamped by your teacher.

Get rewarded

All nominations go into a weekly draw for a prize.

Collect 6 or more awards and qualify for:

  • The Norton Values Certificate of Commendation
  • The Norton Values Badge of Honour
  • An invitation to the Norton Values Celebration Event. Past events have included;
    • an awards party,
    • a trip to the cinema and
    • ice skating.

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