Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having a technical problem or need to clarify what your child can do online, take a look at this collection of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Purple Mash

I can’t upload a HEIC photo

If you are using a relatively new Apple iPhone or iPad, you may get errors uploading to Purple Mash. Out of the box, these devices take photos in the new HEIC format, which is not yet supported by Purple Mash. As a workaround, you can tell your phone to take photos in the older JPEG format. Here’s a link that explains how:

There are no 2Dos showing

You may have completed all your 2Dos (Yay!) and the teacher has closed all your old ones (Double Yay!). However, this is quite unlikely! It is more likely that Purple Mash is having a little glitch. Try the reload button in your web browser.

I saved and closed a 2Do but it still shows as ‘Start’

When you return from a document to the previous view (your 2Dos or one of your Work folders), sometimes the view is not updated. Try the reload button in your web browser.

How can I upload a picture of some work I did on paper?

Watch any of these screencasts that show you how to do it.


Where is the reload button in my browser?

The reload button is next to the search and address box in the top toolbar of your browser, above the web page itself. Warning: if you use reload before you have saved, you will lose your work.

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