Find out where to buy uniform and obtain good quality name labels.

School Uniform

Our uniform policy reflects our values and reinforces our school’s culture of high expectations and academic achievement. Our aim is to provide a uniform policy that is as inclusive as possible and to be considerate in the implementation of our policy so that all pupils are able to wear the uniform.

In developing our uniform policy, we have been sensitive to the needs of different cultures, races and religions and will act reasonably in accommodating these needs, without compromising important school policies, such as school safety or discipline.

Our school uniform is important to us. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school community and it promotes a strong, cohesive identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life.

Name Labels
We have teamed up with a company that makes multipurpose name labels for all school items; clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles and pretty much anything else you can stick them on.