Curriculum Overview

Learning in different subject areas is dynamic, enjoyable and rigorous. Every lesson enables children to develop their oral skills and writing opportunities are maximised. Our wide range of subjects is enriched and brought to life through experiences that include trips and visitors into school. A blend of both key skills and knowledge that equip children for life-long learning is what drives our teaching.

Each child is unique and important, and there are opportunities for every child to develop their interests, broaden their horizons and succeed to the best of their potential. We are successful in achieving this because we ensure our teaching is flexible around children’s needs and interests. We provide an environment for children in which they feel safe and secure enough to take risks and develop as individuals. Children are supported in becoming independent learners, while being encouraged to achieve the high standards set by the National Curriculum.

In addition to our rigorous and stimulating curriculum, we also provide many opportunities for children to develop their interests in lunchtime and after-school clubs. These include a range of team sports, swimming, cycling proficiency, forest schools, gardening, craft, science, cooking, languages, ICT, media & publishing, and choir. We are a progressive, forward-thinking school, always looking ahead to the future and developing to ensure we always provide the best quality education for our children.

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