Art and Design

The intent of art and design at Norton CP School is to foster enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment for the subject.

This is achieved through exposure to inspiring artworks and artefacts and providing them with the techniques and understanding to create responses independently.

As children progress through the school, we ensure that they develop their understanding of how both local and global artists, artisans, designers and architects have shaped our culture and environment. We aim to develop our children’s artistic vocabulary to allow them to analyse and evaluate works of art and design and communicate their own processes clearly.

Yearly, children are given the opportunity to showcase the skills, techniques and knowledge they have developed in a school wide exhibition of work to which families and friends of the school are invited. We strive to give every child the opportunity to visit an art gallery by the time they finish Norton CP School allowing them to experience notable artworks in situ and providing them with insight into the professional art world.

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