Our history curriculum focuses on chronology and is thoroughly enhanced by our amazing timeline.

Our curriculum ensures that children realise that history has impacted on the lives, choices and opportunities we have today, and that there were significant people, events and historical periods that have caused these changes. They build coherent and chronological knowledge of the past.

To achieve this, we study a variety of periods from the earliest times and link them to the present day and wherever possible to the local area. We aim to equip pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, examine evidence, construct arguments, and develop a historical perspective and judgement. We strive to inspire pupils’ curiosity through a lively and questioning approach to history.

Children will learn the historical periods in chronological order to help with their memory skills. Each year group in key stage two will also study an aspect or theme of British history to develop their understanding of social history. Some topics are revisited to help develop memory skills and for children to make links between learning. Links will also be exploited across different subjects such as geography and science, wherever possible which aims to develop their thinking. Further, we aim to provide children with the opportunity to appreciate that the lives we lead today are different and have both changed or continued from the experiences of people before us.

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