FS1 Home Learning Ideas

For our FS1 parents, here is a selection of ideas to challenge your children at home.

Sharing lots of stories

As you look at books, why not try these ideas?

  • Predicting what might happen next in the story
  • Choosing your favourite part of the story
  • Deciding who your favourite character is and drawing a picture of them
  • Re-telling a familiar story using the pictures as prompts.

Singing lots of nursery rhymes

You’ll find a lovely selection on the BBC School Radio. Use the link below:

Mark making

Large or small, in lots of different contexts; you could try using mark making skills to:

  • Writing a shopping list
  • Write a recipe
  • Make a sign
  • Write a letter/message
  • Label a model or picture

Don’t forget to ‘nip, flip and grip’ your pencil!

Nip Flip Grip

Practising Phonics Skills

  • Discriminating between sounds – you could try playing a mystery sound game! (one person hides and makes a sound e.g. clapping/stomping/yawning, whilst the second person guesses what the sound was!)
  • Spotting words that rhyme in songs or stories

You can also find some online Phase 1 Phonics games on Phonics Play.

Challenging careful counting

You can practise these skills in lots of different contexts. Have you tried counting: toys, pieces of food, coins, buttons, steps, claps and jumps?

Here are some online counting activities:

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