Purple Mash

Purple Mash is where Years 1 to 6 can find daily work provided by teachers.

These guides and screencasts will help you find work, organise the day and show how to hand in when you are done.

Your Daily Timetable

There are daily lessons in Purple Mash. Each day is carefully matched against the work that the year group are doing in class. Here is how to find a suggested timetable and prepare to start work.

Doing Lessons

Use the daily post, group folders and your 2Dos to help you do your work. Here is some more on what to expect.

Handing In
When you have finished your work, you need to hand in the 2Do.
More Help

For questions about lessons and marking, please use Purple Mash 2Email to send a message to the teacher.

Email purplemash@norton-pri.n-yorks.sch.uk with technical questions.