Monday, 22nd May 2023

Our awesome adventure has begun! We left Norton full of high spirits, lifted further by the prospect of a sunny and rainless day. The weather did not disappoint, Mr Blue was with us all afternoon and stayed until sunset.

On arrival, we were welcomed by the East Barnby staff and shown to our dorms. The first task was to make up our beds ready for the evening. Some were better at this than others! There followed a tour of the site and instructions on what was needed for the afternoon’s activities: body boarding and beachcombing.


On the beach we found a fantastic variety of creatures in the rock pools: a scorpion fish, a pipefish and all sorts of crabs and snails. That’s to name just a few highlights. We even caught a small lobster.

Our nature hunt was followed by a fossil hunt. Almost every flat grey rock (mudstone) that we turned over had delicate impressions of sea creatures from long, long ago.

To round off the afternoon, we had a short beach art competition: to use the sand, seawrack and our imaginations to make an image of a sea creature. Aren’t these great?

We’ve been learning all about the Yorkshire Coast in our geography lessons. Our East Barnby leader, Jill, was super-impressed with how much the children knew about coastal erosion and sea defences.

In many ways, the beachcombers had a relatively gentle introduction to the week.

Body Boarding

The body boarders, however, went full on and dived straight into the chilly North Sea. Fully fitted into warming wetsuits, of course. After a quick introduction to the technique, it was pretty much waves, wipeouts and whizzing in to shore. Way to go Year 6!

More Photos

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