Wednesday, 24th May 2023

It was a bright and sunny morning in East Barnby. We are having such good luck with the weather. There were one or two more sleepy heads in the morning, but everyone got up in time for breakfast; baked beans, bacon and hash browns to follow cereals, fruit and yoghurt.

These were the activities for different teams.

  • The canoeing day trip to Whitby.
  • Sailing at Scaling Dam reservoir.
  • Beck scrambling and body boarding.

Since beck scrambling is new, that’s first.

Beck Scrambling

A cross between caving and rock climbing, the beck scramble is a firm favourite of all; children, staff and even the East Barnby staff. Our guides today were Jonathan and Jay. Jonathan said it was his number one activity to do with Year 6 children.

First, a quick squeeze through some dryish rocks and then a short hike to something a little wetter.

Next a bit more squeezing and squirming through tight rocky spaces. Everyone was really encouraging - helping those who had qualms to conquer their nerves. Good job, too, because next came some plummeting.

They call the one shown below, “Loony Leap”. You can see why.


After lunch, the wind became a little more unreliable. This wasn’t a problem. Whenever the it dropped, there was the opportunity to paddle about in the water.

When it picked up, there was the chance to set sail to a distant shore and make landfall.

Canoeing Day Trip

The river trip to Whitby Harbour had probably the most ideal conditions. There was plenty of water going over the weir for excitement. In the calmer water, the river and surrounding scenery were resplendent in the May sunshine.

There was plenty of time for games and challenges as the crews paddled their way along. Even lunchtime had its challenge - who could build the biggest cairn on Lunch Island?

Body Boarding

The group who beck scrambled in the morning went back in the water after their dinner, brave souls. Perhaps we had the most ideal conditions, after all. The surf was high, but not too high. The sun was out so we didn’t get too cold.

The photos tell you how much fun it was!


We had a three way choice for tea; roast gammon, chicken pie or quiche. All served with boiled new potatoes, sweetcorn and salad (if wanted). Pudding was arctic roll and/or fresh fruit.

With such a nice evening, those that wanted to could have another go at sledging. There were a couple of knockabout games of football or just chilling as alternatives.

Don’t forget to scroll down for all the pictures features above and so many more!

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