Beverley Races

Tuesday, 25th June 2024

Year 6 reporters have written news reports of a visit to Beverley Racecoure.



We went to Beverley races! After being specially selected by our head teacher, Mrs Parker, we took part in a mixture of fun and interesting activities, including: going into the Jockey’s weighing room; measuring how many horses fit into the parade ring, having a tour of the famous race track; and even watching a race at the end of the day All thanks to our wonderful helpers, Toby and Allison.

After a long yet fun bus journey, we were greeted by the scorching, sweltering Beverley sun. Following our entry into the racecourse, we split into 2 groups of 15 students and headed to our first thrilling activity (going to the weighing room). During this activity, we learnt some facts from a former jockey and even got to weigh our selves in stones and pounds. He also told us about his younger years and his passion for horse riding.

Next, we headed down to the parade ring to work out the perimeter of the ring and how many horses could fit safely (24). Then we found ourselves on the well-known track running around as fast as a Grand National winning horse. We found out how many furlongs long the track was.

Finally the time had come to watch the horses race. We took our seats and the race was on!

The horses battled for first place, gliding their long legs against the wind, sprinting at a shocking speed! The race finished with number 7, Lady Bouquet taking the victory in the blink of an eye.

Here is what some of the Year 6 pupils said about the visit:

Andrew: I enjoyed Beverley Races because I got to learn interesting facts about horses.

Imogen: I enjoyed every activity and especially watching the races at the end

Sophie: I really enjoyed going on the race track and learning about the distances

Liam: Although it was very humid, I had lots of fun at Beverley Racecourse and learnt so much.

Our Trip to Beverley Races

By Sonny

Tuesday afternoon approximately 1:47pm

We travel across the grounds of Beverley racecourse. It was scorching hot and 20 degrees (everyone was pleading for a drink) the clouds were grey but the atmosphere was like a cup final.The spirits were high as everyone muttered to there friends on who they thought would win .We were guided to the our seats by our racecourse supervisors ,Toby and Allison . We were on one of the top rows.The commentator gives us a heads up and says a 3 second countdown and the horses shoot of like a bullet , number 7 Lady Bouquet was off to a heavy lead running at a whopping 32mph it was clear win and number 7 takes the win.Before we went home,we went to the winners podium and the upcoming jockey at age 17 collected his prize and trophy in triumph. Finally we went on the coach and took a 50 minute drive back to to school.

If i had the chance to go horseracing again, I would recommend Beverly Races as it has lovely people beautiful scenery and has glorious views.So lets ask some other students what they thought about the limited trip.

Charley says: I was amazed to find out how fast the horse could go. 50 miles an hour!Also, I was surprised by how short the race actually was.

Renee says: I loved watching the race, the thrill of the galloping horses fly by was amazing.

This was an amazing day definitely one to always remember. Thank you, from the norton community pupils.

My Day At Beverley Races!

Author : Scarlett | Editor : Elsie

We arrived on the coach, set our bags down at our ‘base’ and got on with our thrilling first activity. The first activity was at the weighing scales where the jockeys would get weighed. Some of us were too shy to get weighed so I went on the scales with Phoebe. We were weighed and the total was in stones and pounds instead of kilograms and grams.The jockeys had to also be weighed with all their racing equipment on to make sure they weighed a fair amount.

After we did the exciting activity, we moved onto the parade ring where we had to estimate how many horses could fit inside of it within a sensible space between them. We measured a horse from its nose to the end of its tail and it approximately measured 2.5 metres. Including that , the length of the safety zone between each horse is 1.25 metres but you would double it for the front and the back of the horse. Adding all the information together means that the total distance for each horse is 5 metres. Allison then told us how to work out the approximate amount of horses in the parade ring by using a trundle wheel. The perimeter of the ring altogether was 120 metres but we had to divide it by 5 to get the answer, which was 24 horses.

After eating our lunch, the first race began at 1:45 Pm.When the horses set off, number 7 took the lead zooming past all the other opponents at a flabbergasting speed. Even though i bet on horse number 10, number 7 still won and collected his trophy gladly as we all cheered him on happily even though some of us didn’t want him to win.

Overall, Beverley Races was a good experience and I am thankful Mrs Parker chose me to go on this trip. Sadly, she couldn’t make it due to the physiotherapy she was having on her back at the time.

Imogen: I enjoyed every activity and watching the race at the end.

Andrew: I enjoyed Beverley races because I learned interesting facts about horses.

Sophie: I really enjoyed going on the race track and learning about the distances.

Lia:m Although it was very humid, I had lots of fun at Beverley races and learned so much.

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