Year 5 Camp

Friday, 21st June 2024

Children in Year 5 have really enjoyed their camping activity at Wyse House Farm.

Expertly led by our favourite outdoor specialist, Wolf, they learned to pitch tents, tie useful knots and build shelters.

Children took an active part in making the evening meal by following a recipe to cook a chicken pasta supper.

After tea was eaten and washed up, we returned to the woods to learn fire-lighting with a firesteel. Each of four groups then performed around the campfire to entertain everyone.

As the embers died, it was finally time to toast marshmallows. A cup of hot chocolate was the perfect thing to wash down a tasty smore.

For some, it was their first night in a tent. Perhaps, it wasn’t the easiest thing to get to sleep, but most managed to get some rest. What goes up must come down. So the first job of the morning was to pack up the camping kit and take down the tents.

This was followed by an exciting geocaching challenge. Children use a handheld GPS device to track down some elusive animals.

Oh, and there was a play park.

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