Subjects - Years 1 to 6

Here are our Home Learning Links organised by school subject.

DT and Art

Here are plans, ideas and suggestions for things to make and art to craft. It is great time to see what your creative side has to offer.

3 pages

If you want to build your child’s love of language, books, stories and communication, here are things to help.

25 pages

Online games and activities are great way to practise those numeracy skills.

6 pages

Here are some ideas about keeping active during the COVID-19 closure.


Personal, social, health and citizenship education is where you can learn about keeping healthy, staying safe and making a positive contribution. We will have a new resource for online safety ready for you to access soon.

6 pages

It is amazing how much science there is in the home, garden and local area (when you can access it).

12 pages